Cybersecurity: Time to Move from Talk to Action

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Cybersecurity: Time to Move from Talk to Action

Cybersecurity as a business priority has been ignored for too long in too many cases.  Hence, the almost daily news releases of another breach, email hacking, or data loss.  Even the government and politicians are woefully behind the power curve and not paying attention with their actions showing what not to do and data leaking everywhere.

Healthcare is one of those businesses that to this day many feel “we are too small to be noticed” or “the cost of being secure is too much”.  Neither statement has any truth to it.  Healthcare providers are now the target of Cyber Criminals, and the smaller the operation the MORE attractive you are not less.  So you save a few bucks being careless until it hits and then you are paying Bitcoins to some mysterious criminal.  Thinking that is the end of it you find that the government was serious about security and privacy when it developed HIPAA and HITECH regulations specifically for healthcare.  They arrive at your door and begin an audit, and since you decided HIPAA  regulations weren’t  for you  the fines and possible criminal charges for Willful Neglect are in your future.  Lawyer fees and maybe the end of your practice is near.

The story doesn’t have to end that way, action can be taken today to protect  practices and patient privacy as prescribed as required by law.  It is a time to Move from Talk to Action.  Protect your investment, business, and livelihood.

Don’t be like these people and have your name and practice in virtual lights for all to see:

HHS and Office of Civil Rights Wall of Shame

Or these people writing checks for simple things your office may be doing.

Call Us, we can help write a better ending to the story.