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Dr. Mark St. Marie – Open For Business

Dr. Mark St. Marie is considered one of the top gastroenterologist practitioners in Western New York. After deciding to open his own practice Dr. St. Marie needed a technology partner who understands all facets of the healthcare industry. His first phone call was Whiteboard IT Solutions.

“I can’t even remember if I had made the decision to do this and I was on the phone with Larry asking what don’t I know. Within days we had all equipment, software, and services needed to run. It was amazing to see everything come together so smoothly.”

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WNY Imaging Group – Building Expansion

WNY Imaging Group contracted Whiteboard IT Solutions to oversee the IT aspects of construction at their expansion at 222 Genesee Street location.

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Ru’s Pierogi – The Restaurant

Ru’s Pierogi has grown from supplying delicious artisan pierogis to area restaurants to opening their own. As with any restaurant you need connectivity. Point-of-Sale and communication between wait staff and the kitchen.

Whiteboard IT was called to task for running data cabling for computer systems, WiFi, and phone service. An important part was to hide everything so as to not ruin the esthetic of the beautifully renovate space.

In addition WITS installed enterprise network security for point-of-sale transactions and also put in a bumping WiFi setup including isolated guest access for any hipsters that need to update their latest “original idea”