The Hard Truth about CyberSecurity in 2016 going forward

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The Hard Truth about CyberSecurity in 2016 going forward

CyberSecurity planning Takeaways in 2016.

Without Clear Business Alignment, Your Company Will Not Prioritize Security

Security leaders have often ignored CyberSecurity — until something goes wrong.  If you do not see how CyberSecurity efforts help achieve business objectives, there is no compelling reason for supporting them  with budget, communication, or inclusion in projects.  CyberSecurity is now a key component to any business plan because your data is your business.  Need to protect the data assets of the business as much as is done financially.  Without your data there is no business, without CyberSecurity there maybe no data.  Time for CyberSecurity to have a seat at all of the tables of the business just like policy, finance, and planning.   From Board room to break rooms.  To preserve the business reputation, future prospects, and C-Suite jobs CyberSecurity needs to be factored into all the calculus used to drive the business to success.

A Truly Business-Savvy company Will Have A Truly Business-Savvy Strategy

Business leaders have adopted a technology agenda that allows the organization to successfully compete and grow, but they left out the most important part to keeping their business.  CyberSecurity is the missing critical piece. Weekly we hear of another business being attacked and data lost or compromised.  Because they did not consider security of  business data and the ability to process it each day worth what it represents.   Business data represents the business itself, protecting it is not some insignificant  bother or a promise of a one time purchase solves all.  The data is the business, protect it as you do the finances, the 5 year plan, growth, and success.   CyberSecurity is here to stay with costs and planning.   Without a CyberSecurity plan a business will not reach its potential and possibly perish.

If You Can’t Communicate Your Strategy Simply, You May As Well Not Bother

Your business needs to be able to communicate all of the business strategies including CyberSecurity. If you cannot communicate it in a clear and concise manner, then there is a problem, it probably doesn’t exist.   A business can communicate its financial plan to banks, boards, and stock holders precisely, but what about the Cyber protection of the business essence from being compromised or ruined by neglecting to address the fiduciary responsibility of CyberSecurity.  Remember Ben Franklin’s words, “failure to plan is planning to fail.”  Is the Board and Executive team planing to fail foolishly thinking that they are saving money?   If it cannot be communicate your CyberSecurity strategy because it didn’t spike the administration interest, then you may as well not bother continuing the business because eminent failure will be in your future.

Is your business is planning to fail by ignoring the fact that CyberSecurity is a critical  business problem of the 21st century?  This is a Board and Executive level fiduciary responsibility for any business.  To not deal with it is negligence  and eminent failure is what is coming, followed by losses, regulatory fines, litigation, and the demise of a once viable company that failed to protect it self from those that wanted to harm it.  Certainly those that ignore the eminent threat will not continue in the same profession.

Time to make a critical business decision to protect the business by protecting the data that defines it.   What is your answer?