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Remember, Think Before You Click!

There is a phishing attack going on you need to know about. The campaign sends and email with the subject: “Assessment document” and the body of the email has a PDF attachment in it that claims that it is locked. The message reads: “PDF Secure File UNLOCK to Access File Content”. If you click to

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YAHOO Users beware, act Now!!!

I don’t like to just parrot other posts, but this is too important to waste time.  If you have a YAHOO account take note, change your password and identity questions or close it and open a new one. (best option) “Yahoo announced that 1 billion of their accounts were hacked. These accounts are now sold

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Anticipating Black Friday Threat Trends 2016

Posted in Cyber Threat Intelligence by Tanya Widen on November 21, 2016 We studied attacks reported during the 2015 holiday period and identified new tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that have emerged recently to help anticipate what to expect this year. Targeted threats against shoppers and retailers increase as the volume of shoppers surges during the holiday

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