Information Security

Information Security Services


Security of data has and will always be the top priority at Whiteboard.  With the level of sophistication and the ease of the cyber attacks happening today we felt it time to bring our offerings to the forefront of discussion. Industries have generally ignored best practices when deploying technology for too long. They have viewed security as an IT department only issue instead of a company wide problem.

We can only help to protect your data if you fully understand the gravity of what is at risk right now. If you spend money on door locks and alarm systems then why wouldn’t you do the same for your data and the data you may hold for customers and business associates?

Your Company = Your Data

At Whiteboard, we want to bring awareness and education as a first step in improving cyber security. For organizations ready to take the next step and who understand that they are being attacked right now (Yes You), please contact us today to learn more about how Whiteboard can assist you in improving your company’s security posture.

Check out our Blog page as a way to keep up with trends in security and the IT world at large.